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Caring about the environment doesn't mean you want greige hemp cushions.  



And it doesn't have to.

You shouldn't have to choose between showing your personality and looking after the planet.



By only using sustainble materials (some cutting edge, some as old as time) and manufacturing in the UK, we have created a range of amazing pieces that allow you to express your individual style and stand by your beliefs. 


We use only sustainable fabrics that are digitally printed in small batches in the UK - so we never over produce and know exactly what has gone into making every one of our products (no obscure unknown processes happening halfway across the world…).
Because work should be paid fairly, we only work with companies that pay a living wage, which means manufacturing in the UK and with individual local freelancers and companies. 
Head over to our journal for behind the scenes information about each of the fabrics we use, why it’s better for the planet, what we want to do better and the steps we can all take to keep the planet healthy for the next generation.
Sustainable Fabrics Made Locally  Fair Wages




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