For the first time ever, I am opening my books for the month of November for private commissions!


Whether you are looking for a unique piece of art that reflects your or your family's history, a truly special gift to spoil your loved ones or simply would love to see my existing work re-imagined to sit faultlessly in your home - let your imagination run wild!

So whether you would like me to imagine a magnificent large scale piece that tells the story of your family or simply love to adapt one of my existing works, just let your imagination run wild and get in touch at or scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the form. 

A pair of cushions, with a bespoke print and intertwined lettering, created to celebrate the wedding anniversary of a lucky couple.  The print is created using flowers from their wedding, and the letters are a pair of brooches they wore on the day. 



HOW does it work? 

First, get in touch and tell me what your dream idea is!  Nothing is too big or too small.  Please include as many details as possible - what kind of piece are you looking for, is it a unique bespoke design or simply a tweak to make one of my existing pieces perfect for your home? Where will the piece go in your home?  How do you want it to make you feel? Do you want a pair of cushions or a fine art print?

I will then be able to send you a few quotes.  Pricing will depend on the scale and detail of the artwork, the medium you want the final piece to be in and how much of the new piece is original rather than an adaptation of one of my existing artworks.  

Once you agree the quote and pay a small deposit, then the real fun begins!  We will have an initial consultation, on the phone or video messaging service of your choice, to discuss your ideas and what you are dreaming of.  The sky is the limit!  I will advise and help formulate your ideas into a dream piece of art.  After all, this business was started after I created a bespoke design for my mother's chair!



Some things to consider are the significance of colours and fauna and flora you would like included.  Each flower, leaf and creature can be infused with wonderful symbolism, creating a story hidden within the leaves.  Maybe you want to represent your family or a significant moment in your life?  Or maybve you simply want a magnificent piece that sits perfectly within your home.  If you are looking for inspiration, why not discover the symbology behind my art work HOPE? 

I am a digital artist - this means that all my work is created on a computer.  I exist in a world of pixels and programs, my graphics tablet is my paintbrush and photoshop my paint palette. Once we are set on all the elements for your design, I will magic it up, sending you regular updates and clear timelines.


And finally, when you have approved the finished piece, it will get sent to print or made into cushions, and sent to you to bring all the joy and happiness into your home. 

So if this has piqued your interest, and you want to find out more, just get in touch at or via the form below.