If you have fallen in love with one of my designs, but need it in a different colour palette, or if you are looking to create something truly unique for your home, I can help!

Whether you are looking for a large scale bespoke mural, individually designed personalised print or simply want the colours tweaked to one of my existing designs, let your imagination run wild and let me help you create you dream personalised home decor! 

Scroll down to see some of my previous bespoke projects or get in touch to find out more!




If you are looking for a large scale art installation, I can help!  From bespoke outdoor vinyls and murals to large scale fine art prints, I can create a one of a kind piece specifically designed to your 

Let your imagination run and get in touch with any ideas!




Commission a bespoke design, created just for you. 

Perfect as a special present or as a one of a kind feature for your home, I can create a design unique to you, working with your favourite plants or animals, in colours that are suited to your home.  

This can then be turned into a fine art print, bespoke throw or a cushion. 

Inspired by their wedding flowers, I created this set of magical cushions, each with bespoke monograms, as wedding gifts for this lucky couple. 

Leila Vibert-Stokes Bespoke Cushion Design Leila VIbert-Stokes Close up of Bespoke Cushion Design



Unique Fabric Layouts


If you have a unique upholstery project, I can adapt the layout of any of my pieces to fit your furniture perfectly, allowing you to create a truly one of a kind item for your home. 


Colour changes or bespoke sizing


Fallen in love with one of my pieces, but its not quite the right colour?  All my cushions, throws and fine art prints can have their colours adjusted to fit in with the rest of your decor!

Or why not request a large scale piece?