We're taking a break

These last few months, I’ve lost something very precious to me. I've completely lost “The Joy” - that vibrant passion that underlies everything, that excitement, energy and creativity that gives meaning to all our lives and keeps us moving forward. ⁠
It’s gone. Pooof…. Just disappeared. Eaten up by two extremely hard years. ⁠

And for a business that is all about sharing and bringing joy into your lives, that just won’t do.⁠

I’ve been searching for The Joy for a few months, hoping some tweaks to my business model, learning new design techniques or even a new studio would be all it would take to feel refreshed and revived. But it’s clear it’s going to need something bigger, bolder and one hell of a lot braver.⁠

✨So I’m putting the business on pause ...⁠ and taking a well needed long break. ✨⁠

Call it the world’s longest summer holiday or shortest gap year. Or simply put - a sabbatical. To enjoy the summer. To remember what I value in life and to recharge mentally, physically and creatively.⁠ To put my needs above that of my business... ⁠

To stop simply surviving, like we have done these last two years, and actually do some living. ⁠To remember all those little things that create meaning, give life and allow each of us to feel whole.  To slow down, to enjoy life and to rekindle that boundless feeling of optimism that permeates everything I do and see what comes out of the silence. 

And like all the best adventures, who knows where rekindling The Joy will take me...⁠

You may have noticed that you can no longer place any orders on the website, though please feel free to explore any of the beautiful creations and the archive of journal entries that I hope will inspire and uplift you. 

And please enjoy the summer, and take a moment to do whatever you need to to bring a little more joy and enthusiasm into your lives. 

See you in September, 

Leila x

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