Maximalist Interiors on Screen!

And breeeathe!  It's the holiday season and what better way to kick back and relax than with some magical inspiring movies?  Now whether you are a fan of Rom-coms or horror thrillers, interiors can really transform a movie, from setting the scene to to being a

So kick back, curl up on the couch and take your pick from some of these utterly jaw dropping interiors (and the movies/shows aren't half bad either)

The Daarjeeling Limited, 2007

No "Interiors in Film" list would be complete without the mastery of Wes Anderson.  Known for his romantic and heavily stylised settings, his interiors are such a source of inspiration they have spawned countless imitators.  The Grand Budapest hotel is often regarded as his masterpiece but I prefer the lesser admired The Daarjeeling Limited.  The film, set on a train journey through Jodhpur and following three brothers trying to reconnect after the death of their father, it is a feast for the eyes and the heart, helped by and incredible soundtrack by The Kinks. 

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Ratched, 2020

A suspenseful yet sumptuous drama series, Ratched explores the origin story of the iconic Nurse Mildred Ratched from “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” .  Utterly extraordinary to look at, from the costuming to the set design to the lighting, Ratched takes a classic trope - the horror hidden within the walls of a psychiatric asylum - and turns it on its head through an explosion of technicolour.

Though the storyline has some holes, the visual design more than makes up for it.  The crowning glory are location shots filmed at Tony Duquette’s home, Dawnridge.  Worth watching simply to get a look inside this icon of over the top Maximalism. 

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Paddington Bear, 2014

A visual love letter to West London wrapped up into a heartwarming and surprisingly captivating film, Paddington is a pure delight for kids and adults alike and the perfect light hearted family film.

From the candy coloured streets of Notting Hill to the dramatic great hall in London's Natural history Museum, this film takes you on a journey through warm, eclectic Britishness.  Amongst all the chaos unleashed by the bear himself, keep an eye out for the seasonally changing wallpapers and incredible stairwell in the family's entrance hall! 

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La Voz Humana, 2020

In his first English Language short film, Spanish Art House darling Pedro Almodovar casts Tilda Swinton as a single woman waiting for her ex-lover to come pick up his abandoned suitcases. It is a monologue about passing time, heartbreak and abandonment, set in one of the most sumptuous interiors I have ever seen. 

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All images curtesy of Sony Picture Classic, Via Architectural Digest

Suspiria, 1977

One of the most iconic horror movies of all time, Suspiria transformed the genre back in 1977 with it's colourfully drenched suspense set in a sinister German ballet school.  A classic tale of "all is not what it seems" these over the top interiors masterfully set the scenes, a contrast between the boldly colourful lighting and the horrors and uncertainty found within.  


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Crazy Rich Asians, 2018

A classic modern Prince and the pauper story, this Rom-Com is for people who hate Rom-Coms.  Helped by the magical South East Asian settings, from beach side resorts to Singaporean mansions and a ludicrously good looking cast, it is a classic tale of family disputes and love that defeats all barriers, in a such a overly opulent setting that you cannot help but be transported.

All Images Curtesy of Warner Brothers Films, Via Design Milk


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