Private Comissions - A Very Special Bespoke Wedding Gift

A special winter wedding, celebrated in an intimate venue with a handful of close friends and family...  

What better way to mark this beautiful day than with specially commissioned bespoke printed cushions?  Completely designed to order, this pair of cushions is a perfect personalised wedding gift!


Set just a few days before Christmas, this wedding was a true winter wonderland.  Celebrating the union of Barbara, an actress and Soroush, a furniture designer, they transformed Soroush’s workshop into a magical setting, re-purposing his machinery and tools as a backdrop to their special day.

Created for an impossibly elegant couple, this gift needed to re-invent personalised wedding gifts.  Whilst many of us may think that a bespoke or personalised cushion could be tacky, this set is as far from that as could be - A modern version of his and hers gifting.  

Their wedding was the base for the entire art design - inspired by their elegant yet minimal table settings, I was commissioned to create artwork full of botanical wintery delights. Their table settings had vibrant central flower arrangements full of eucalyptus, rosemary, thistles and wooden snowflakes as well as roses and succulents.  Celebrated in the depth of winter, in the run up to Christmas, the season even inspired the colour scheme - using the dark, cool colours of winter as a base, each design is on deep navy or silvery grey, and is highlighted with joyful colours taken from their home.

The lettering

The initial concept for these cushions stemmed from this very special B shaped brooch.  Brought over from the United States, it was worn by the groom on his lapel as a romantic surprise for his bride on the day.  

I decided to create a unique monogram as the focal point for these cushions, working from this brooch as a starting point.  For the matching S, I sourced and photographed a similar brooch then digitally intertwined the S and the B in two different ways, creating a bespoke one of a kind set of monograms.

The Bespoke Designs

Whilst designing, I wanted the cushions to work as a pair so they could be perfect on a sofa, creating a set that would compliment each other without looking matchy-matchy.  By creating two different bespoke monograms and using the same botanical design elements, I designed these prints to enhance one another, contrasting layouts and light and dark colour schemes.  

I photographed some of the key foliage from their table settings - Strands of eucalyptus, sprigs of rosemary and heads of thistles.  I then created two clean designs - one on a dark navy base, featuring an explosion of eucalyptus bursting from the top left of the cushion and another on a soft grey base, with eucalyptus intertwining around the monogram from both sides.  You can see some of the more complex (and discarded!) versions I went through below. 



And finally, for the back of each cushions I created a clean and simple design, featuring a single strand of eucalyptus that dashes across, with their wedding date discreetly etched into a corner.  A beautiful way to mark the day, elegantly and without falling into cliche.


The final cushions

As with all my textile and fine art pieces, sustainability and carefully chosen eco-friendly raw materials informs everything I do. Initially printed onto a raw linen, the final design was printed onto a soft sustainable linen blend fabric, before being turned into these unique cushions by my expert seamstresses here in London.

As a final luxurious touch, thy were filled with a soft and squishy ethically sourced duck feather inner that is as comfortable to snuggle up to as it is kind to the planet!

These beautiful cushions now live perfectly styled on this couple’s sofa, an elegant, heartwarming and uplifting daily reminder of such treasured memories.




If you would like to mark a special occasion with a bespoke, one-of-a-kind gift, then get in touch at

A pair of bespoke, made to measure designed cushion starts from £300, including the bespoke design, printing and manufacturing. 

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