Making our Face Coverings

DO no harm!

These are confusing times.  With this amount of uncertainty, I kept coming back to one essential feeling for my face coverings - DO NO HARM!

Do no harm to others by making them as effective as possible
Do no harm to yourself by making them as comfortable as possible.
Do no harm to the planet by crafting them ethically and from sustainable materials. 

Effective and sustainable

You know this already... These face coverings are made from fabric so they are not medical grade. 

Wearing this face covering does not guarantee you won’t catch Covid-19. It is no replacement for following guidelines, social distancing, regularly washing your hands and generally being careful.

However not all fabric face coverings are made equal.

The American Chemical Society did a fascinating study where they compared different combinations of common fabrics and tested how effective they were at blocking particles.  They found that combining a tightly woven outer layer that acts as a physical barrier with an inner layer of silk that acts as an electrostatic filter was the most effective.

So that's how my coverings are made.  An outer layer of digitally printed GOTS Organic cotton followed by two layers of surplus silk that would otherwise have ended in landfill and finally an inner layer of soft GOTS Organic cotton that feels lovely against your face. 

A close fit is also essential so mine have adjustable soft elastic straps and a nose wire so they are comfortable to wear.

Introducing Ania

Our magical Face Covering maker

Ania is a master maker...

A traditionally trained milliner, she has helped create hats that have walked down the Givenchy haute couture runway in Paris and graced some of the most stylish brides around.

Saying she knows how to hand craft magical pieces is an understatement.

When Covid hit, like many creative people, her industry ground to a halt. Catwalk shows were cancelled, photoshoots done from home on zero budget and the wedding and racing seasons postponed indefinitely.

So she set about starting up a new business - PPEast, creating bespoke, hand crafted face coverings.

Every one of my face coverings is hand made by her in her studio in East London.

And that is how I created face coverings that do no harm!

Plus they transport you to magical tropical shores, sunnier climes and hopefully slightly brighter times... 

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Handmade in London

Individually handmade in London my our master maker Ania!

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Sustainable Materials

Made from soft organic cotton poplin and surplus silk that would have otherwise ended in landfill so they protect the environment as well as each other. 

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Perfect Fit

Cut on the bias with a nose wire and adjustable soft straps, so you know they will feel as good as they look. 




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