Colour, my love!

Welcome to the monthly LVS journal, a collection of all of my favourite things, each month curated around a theme. 

As we are in the depths of a miserable February, I thought what better way to lift spirits than to talk about one of my absolute favourite subjects - bold, joyful, exuberant colour.

So scroll down for some of my favourite colour related things!



ReadingThe Secret Lives of Colour, by Kasia St Clair

£12.99 from Hive Books

Have you ever wondered how colours get their names?  This magical book retraces the stories behind 75 different shades, dies and hues, spanning the whole colour spectrum from Ivory to Melanin via Heliotrope and Gamboge.

Discover how the faded purplish pink Puce got it's name (during a fight between Marie Antoinette and King Louis the 16th!) to how Napoleon may have been poisoned by a Scheele Green wallpaper, from the white paint that protected against the plague to the first cave paintings in Lascaux. 

A beautiful exploration of where colours come from and their current day cultural and emotional significance. 



Play - The Jellyfish Colouring in Sheet

Have you downloaded my latest colouring in sheet?  Create your own magical colourful world, and keep the kids entertained!  Just sign up to my newsletter!



Listening - The TV carpenter podcast with Karen Haller, Colour expert

Available on Spotify

Delve deep into the relationship between colour and the mind.  Not everyone experiences colour in the same way and Karen talks us through how to find the colours that resonate withy our personality, how they can affect you and those around you on a daily basis. 



Follow - Erika Kikola, aka @whilefloriansleeps

Hidden somewhere in Pennsylvania is the magical home of Erika Kikola.  Inspired by vintage Hollywood glamour, Grande Dame of American Maximalism Dorothy Draper and bold, joyful colour, her home is sheer, utter delight.



WatchingDancing With The Birds

Two of my all time favourite things all rolled into one - bold exuberant colour and transfixing, surreal nature.  Journey into the depths of the jungles of New Guinea and follow the male birds of paradise on their exuberant quest for love.

Available on Netflix



VisitHotel des Deux Gares, Paris

French interior style may not be renowned for its bold use of colour but this vivid hotel, designed by Luke Edward-Hall, is turning that on its head, playing with elements of classic french design and giving them a hyper saturated modern twist. 

A perfect bold getaway destination for when we are allowed out again!


And finally, you can now explore my whole collection, filtered by colour! 


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