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How to use pink in interiors

I often get asked how to style my pieces and I do love a good mood board, so two birds with one stone and VOILA!

Welcome to a cornucopia of style inspiration for your home.  Today, I am focusing on a particular colour that is as joyful as it can be difficult - PINK!

Yup, pink.  Pink can sometimes be a tricky one, a colour full of contradictions.  Laden with cultural connotations, it is at the same time the colour of innocence and provocative femininity, heavily gendered, restful and intense, ranging in shades from the softest of petal pinks to the boldest fuchsia, from deep dark raspberry to dusty powdery peach.

In the West, Pink is now seen as the defining colour of femininity - from Barbie’s brash pink to Jane Mansfield’s powder puff bathroom, when we think of pink we think of youthful girlishness, innocence, pure femininity that borders on the caricatural. 

But pink hasn’t always been associated with young girls. In the 17th Century, pink was deemed appropriate for young boys because it was seen as a paler shade of the masculine, militaristic red.  Blue, the colour of the Virgin Mary, was associated with purity and thus deemed appropriate for girls.

So how to use pink in your home without turning to cliche or looking like you are living in a life size Barbie house? (Unless, of course, you are looking to live in a life size Barbie House, in which case I salute you!  There s nothing I love more than fearless, individual interiors)

Here are three ideas to bring this joyful, uplifting colour into your home no matter your style. 
Leila Vibert-Stokes pink interiors poolside party

Think Miami in the 80’s, pure fun, summery, bold, bright, carefree and joyful.  Mix it with nautical stripes in a pastel tone, get a sun lounger and imagine you are sipping cocktails poolside without a care in the world! 

A lighthearted colour combination, these joyful pinks are perfect if you want an uplifting, airy home with white or very light walls and don't want to overcomplicate your scheme.   

Materials to mix with it:  Painted rattan and woodwork, white, bright cotton upholstery, dreamy loose linen curtains that flutter in the wind and geometric tiles and lashings of tropical palms.

Colours:  Bright and fearless fuchsia, baby pink, dusty coral, cerulean blue, ultramarine, violet, gentle mint.



Leila Vibert-Stokes How to Use pink in interiors dusty pink and green ideas


Feminine with an edge, playing on interior design’s most loved colour combination of the last few years - pink and green.  A modern, soft and relaxing take on pink, perfect to bring a bit of mid century modern into your maximalist home.

Materials to mix it with:  Soft velvet upholstery, gold or brass details, mid-century vintage teak furniture, thickly woven textiles and plenty of calathea plants.

Colours:  Soft neutral pinks in make-up tones, salmon, peach, gentle khaki, vivid fuchsia highlights and puce neutrals.



 Now this one is for the fans of dark, moody and opulent interiors! Luscious jewel colours mix to create a look that is bold and inviting, with strong shades of purple coming through.  Great if you want a room that is perfect for curling up in in the evening. 

Materials to mix it with:  Dark velvet upholstery, gold ornate mirrors, soft low lighting and heavy curtains, interesting objects made of stone, tassels.

Colours:  Deep purple, bubblegum pink, raspberry, magenta, olive, navy, gold and ochre


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