Art Seekers Podcast with Emma Hill

Well if this isn't one to cross off the bucket list - I couldn't be more excited as I'm on a brilliant contemporary art podcast!  

A few weeks ago, I sat down to chat with the wonderful UK artist Emma Hill for her inspiring Art Seekers Podcast, where each week she interviews a new emerging artist, exploring their inspirations, techniques and hopes and dreams.  It's an incredible podcast for art lovers and artists alike.

In this episode, I explore the shift in my creativity in the last couple of years and how I create each of my digital artworks. We talk about our passion for art and connection with nature, stepping into flow and liken creativity with cats... If you aren’t careful, they will go off to your neighbour!

And of course, why joy and frivolity are some of the best emotions art could possibly evoke!

Have a listen below, or listen directly in iTunes or Spotify

Enjoy! x


If you fancy discovering even more amazing emerging artists, check out all the other Art Seeker episodes on iTunes and Spotify.

And you can discover more of Emma's vibrant and energetic abstract art on her website.

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